Foundation's Strategy Highlights

for the next three years:


The institution’s objective and work to be performed

  • Raise awareness for the foundation

The method of acquiring income

  • Fund raising through speaking with companies and individuals about the plans for the foundation and how they can support and donate.   
  • Auctions for fundraising. 
  • Identify individuals at the Hugo Ekker Tennis Academy with a lot of talent but don’t have the financial backing to pay for lessons and support them.  
  • Offer financial scholarships to talented children who are identified at ‘try out days’.   These children may have no experience in playing tennis.  
  • Go to local schools in Amsterdam to offer free group tennis lessons and fitness and dietary lessons.   Have fun with sport and teach the importance of sport and fitness in health and daily lives.   These schools will be identified and selected based upon certain criteria including accessibility for tennis training amongst other parameters.   

The management and use of the institution’s assets

  • The planning of fundraising events will be done by Duncan Valentine.   
  • The management of the funds of the foundation will be overseen by Duncan Valentine.   
  • The selection of talented academy children for financial support and the selection of talented children at ‘try out days’ will be done by Hugo Ekker and Igor Sijsling.  
  • The training of the children will be led by Hugo Ekker.  
  • The meeting notes will be kept by Duncan Valentine and Igor Sijsling.   
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